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There is so much going on in our lives we can all to suffer from information overload. To help you keep abreast of what’s new, we are constantly working on different ways to collate all the information, then to keep it topical and present it in an easy to read format.

Hot Off The Press

This helped one student go from ZERO traffic to almost 2,000 visitors a day…
So if you have a WordPress Blog this is must have plug-in.

Insider Sneak Peak Video – Plug-in Demo

Another student went from almost no traffic to over 7,735 visitors a day…
The shocking thing is that this was all done on autopilot with this very powerful WordPress plugin that:

* Drives FLOODS of laser-targeted traffic
* Creates automated “Social Sonar Pulses”
* Revives DEAD content as if it was FRESH
* Promotes ALL your content continuously
* Boosts your “Social Footprint” on autopilot
* Dramatically increases your Rankings
* Leverages the hidden value of your existing content
* Explodes your site’s PROFIT potential…

If you still don’t have a WordPress Blog then read our Free Report grab the Blueprint and WordPress Training and get yours set-up now.


Whats’ New in Social Media

This is the latest Social Media Marketeers News brought to you from around the internet, which we have published in our own newspaper

What’s New from the Social Media Marketeers

Rebel Mouse is a great place for collating your Social Media activity into a single location so everyone can see what’s new with your socuial activities.

This is currently in Beta testing but is already growing at a phenomenal rate and could eclipse Pinterest.

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We are intending to add both off-line and on-line events as we hear about them so you can attend if you wish

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