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Resources will be added here as we select the best, following product reviews. Some of these are 3rd party which may require your name and e-mail and they usually have upsells, OTOs or follow up e-mail offers. Some are directly from us and you are no obligation whatsoever.

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Essential Free Resources

Affiliate Resources

There are thousands of different affiliate sites available for you to use, so we have picked out the best and explain why. We also have our own affiliate program Social Media Marketeers – Affiliate Program, so we know how they work.

The Most Popular Affiliates Programs

These are the well known programs for Monetizing Your Site or Promoting Your Product, but everyone heads for these first. If you are selling products these are the ones to go for, because of the high number of affiliates who will promote your products for you.

Alternative Affiliate Programs

You may be surprised by how many other programs are available and these are better when you want to promote affiliate products, because you will have less competition.


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