Rebel Mouse

RebelMouse – the new kid on the block

RebelMouse is only just out of Beta Testing

This new social platform is still growing at a phenomenal rate and is the top site linking back to our blog, so we just had to go and investigate why.  Huge numbers of people are joining and claiming their names now, so you may have to be quick if you want to get yours before someone else sneaks in first.

You can link it to your:RebelMouse

  • Twitter Account
  • Facebook Account
  • Facebook Pages
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • RSS Feeds

The smart part is it takes all the content from these Social Media networks and combines them into your own page.

Mashable commented “On first glance it looks like a digital newspaper of your social life, organised on Pinterest. After you spend some time on the site, it becomes clear its much more than that.”

It may be too early to say now, but RebelMouse could be a serious contender for the next massive social network.

Join now before you lose your www.rebelmouse/name to someone else