How Google Search works – Official version

Google has updated its Inside Search site, with educational and interactive features explaining in layman’s terms how Google’s Search works. The web now has over 30 trillion pages and Google provides over 100 billion searches every month from their index of over 100 million gigabytes.

Google Search

Most of this is high-level information, so the average man in the street, can get a better understanding of what happens when they type their search into Google. They have done a good job of explaining the technology without it being techie and complicated.

There are also new sections on the site which show a graphical view of how Google Search works, with details about their algorithms, features and policies.

If you want a more in-depth inderstanding Google has added a 43-page document explaining how they evaluate their results.

We know that Google is committed to removing spam and their live spam slideshow shows example screenshots of spam removed from the search results. This is fascinating because you get a view into Google itself.


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