Your Social Media Marketeers are Peter and Clive

Peter Collins photo

Peter Collins

Peter – with over 20 years IT experience in both mainstream and mathematical modelling, moved into IT management and further developed his skills and experience in Business Analysis and large scale Project Management. These skills have been put to good use with Internet Marketing over quite a few years and more recently with Social Media Marketing. Peter takes part in activities that are very creative and community focused, he also likes to think that he’s a good cook.


Clive – Entrepreneurial in spirit, ran his own design and print business for many years. He then moved into IT and has years of experience in numerous analytical IT roles. he has always kept a very keen focus on marketing which led him to internet marketing. The challenges and fascination of Social Media Marketing have proved to be a further natural transition. Clive likes the challenge, both technical and creative, that’s what keeps his bike on the road.

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Clive Hornsby


Our Partnership

We have worked together for many years starting in IT Management where we first met working very well as a team. Since then we have had a keen interest in and shared a passion for Internet Marketing. We both share the belief that Social Media Marketing is the most significant development in Internet Marketing in recent years.

Our Aims

We are developing the business to provide key information to our all our visitors and members, whilst also sharing some of our tips and techniques along the way. It is our longer term aim to help individuals and businesses to benefit in the future from the use of Social Media Marketing.

We provide a staged approach to supporting businesses and individuals, so you can understand, learn and take action to improve your marketing.

  • Free Reports – Provide a quick and free method to get an overview of the subject and mistakes to avoid
  • Marketeers Blueprints – These are offline courses to learn the subject in depth at your own pace. Each one includes the related free report, the main course subject, with a checklist and workbook for tracking your progress, with a process map to understand how it all fits together.
  • Webinars – Regular online web seminars to learn about specific topics, scheduled at a time to suit you
  • Video courses – We have created these because people can learn more easily from visual training. Having the ability to watch over someone’s shoulder allows you to learn all the steps at a comfortable pace
  • Social Media Services – We know social media is ‘free’, but there are hidden costs in learning, training and implementing the right strategy, so we can provide the tools and resources to help you with some or all of your requirements


Our Invitation to You …

Come and join us on this exciting journey.